How to Pay

If you are a resident of mainland China:

Please contact Ma Yu, our coordinator in mainland China for AliPay information.  

If you are a resident of Hong Kong

You can deposit the application fee and the membership fee together into our bank account with Bank of China.  Please scan and email the bank deposit slip to to confirm your payment.

Account Details

Service Civil International Hong Kong China


Bank of China


How much needs to Pay

Here you can find a list of fees needs to pay in order to apply for a international workcamp with SCI. You need to pay the membership fee along with the application fee depending on the country you will be attending the workcamp.   

Membership is not required to attend workcamps in Hong Kong. Please refer to individual camp info sheet for camp fee. There is no application fee for local workcamps.

International Workcamps HKD 1350

Full-time Student (discount 20%) HKD 1080

Second (or more) application (discount 50%) HKD 675

If you wish to participate in more than one international workcamp within one year, (Jan – Dec) there is a 50% discount for the application fee of your second (or any following) workcamps.

*Membership is required to participate in SCI Workcamps in other countries.

**Please be advised while most of the camps do not require additional payments, some workcamps have a camp fee (100 to 210 Euro) which has to be paid on arrival. If there is any camp fee it is included in the camp description under additional payments.

Membership fee:

Associate membership is required to take part in international workcamps representing China (Hong Kong). 500HKD membership fee is valid for two calendar years (January 1 of the year paid to December 31 of the following year). Thereafter 100HKD fee is applied if you wish to maintain membership. In order to maintain the membership, the fees have to be paid before 31st of January each year.

What is included in your payment: 

Your food and accommodation during the workcamp

Hosting branch will take care of your food and accommodation during the workcamp. We will send you a info sheet with all the details how to get to the workcamp location. Usually, there is a free day or two during the workcamp. Most of the time host organization organizes some activities and outings without any extra cost.

Workcamp insurance

The application fee covers your insurance during the workcamp. However, this insurance does not cover any travel after or before the workcamp so we highly recommend you to have your own travel insurance. SCI workcamp insurance covers the part any regular travel insurance does not cover relate to voluntary work. You should notify your camp coordinator if there is any accident immediately during the workcamp and also provide details of your travel insurance.  

Volunteers will be insured for the medical costs caused by illness and accident (up to 111,000 EUR for total or partial disability) and for costs of third party liability (up to 3,720,000 EUR for injury) Volunteers are insured through an insurance with AXA-Wintherthur. The policy numbers of this insurance are 8.079.230 for the illness and accidents address below for more information on the nature of the insurance and its coverage SCI Finance & Administration Officer, SCI-International Secretariat, Belgiëlei 37, 2018 Antwerp – Belgium

What is not included in your payment

Travel Costs

Your air ticket and any other transportation cost to reach the campsite is not covered. You need to finance and arrange your traveling on your own. 

Travel insurance

As mentioned before SCI insurance only covers workcamp related accidents. It does not cover any travel you make before or after the workcamp. In many cases, free travel insurances are offered by banks and credit card companies.  Check with your providers before you purchase your own travel insurance.

Vaccinations and other expenses

Any expenses related to vaccination will not be covered. You need to check with the relevant health authorities to see whether you need any specific vaccination prior traveling to some countries mainly Asian, South American and African countries.

Any other expenses related to your travel. If you arrive before the starting day of the workcamp or stay more days after the workcamp you will have to find your own accommodation and you need to bear relevant expenses.

Refund Policy

Membership fee is a one-time payment for each year and it cannot be refunded.

Application fee will be refunded in full if we are not able to place you on a workcamp within three weeks of your payment.

We ask you to confirm your participation within two weeks of placing you on a workcamp. If you fail to confirm or confirm your participation and decide not to attend, in this case, there will not be any refund

If you are unable to attend the workcamp because of your visa was rejected the refund will be 70% of your application fee.

* If the payment is made using Paypal the relevant service charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

Where does your money go

Among many organizations offer international voluntary projects SCI is by far has the smallest chargers. We are able to do this as we are a voluntary movement. In some cases, we also receive financial support from the governments and community organizations of respective countries to run community projects you will be joining. Most of the projects are run by our members and volunteers like you.

One third (33%) of the application fee is allocated towards your insurance and to support the international movement and the solidarity fund. We call it the VEF (volunteer Exchange Fee)

One-third of the application fee is allocated to support local activities and workcamps in Hong Kong and mainland China. We organize between 6 to 10 workcamps locally each year.

The rest (33%) is allocated to cover the administrative cost in SCI Hong Kong office.

Updated 23/3/15 – Hong Kong