How to Pay

Project Placement Fees


Please note, we cannot process your application until we receive payment. VSI is a voluntary, non-profit organisation so we need to charge each volunteer a Project Fee. This fee includes administration costs involved in your placement, insurance cover while taking part in projects in Europe/ North America (contact VSI for details of cover and limitations), your participation at the VSI Preparation Workshops for volunteers, attendance at Evaluation workshops, support during your placement and membership of VSI for one year. As a member of VSI you will receive regular news bulletins keeping you up to date with VSI news, events and volunteer opportunities both within and outside of VSI.


VSI Project Fees (short/long term)

Irish Projects  -   Waged  €75;      Unwaged  €50;     2nd Project : €40 (in the same calendar year)

European Projects  -  Waged €140;  Unwaged  €100;  2nd Project: €50  (in the same calendar year)

Rest of World Projects  - Waged €180;  Unwaged  €150; 2nd Project €50  (in the same calendar year) 


VSI Membership Fees

  • Waged €30
  • Unwaged €15
  • Asylum Seeker €2 
  • Life membership €300


For details of fees and how to pay please go to 

1. You can pay on-line using Pay Pal 

2. Send us a cheque or postal order made payable to VSI at 30 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1– please do not send cash in the post. If you have any questions please contact: