Conditions and payment

In order to go for a workcamp with SCI Poland, please make sure that you are 18 year old, and live in Poland (even temporary).  When you send the application, you are asked to pay membership fee (180 PLN) otherwise the application will not be proceeded.

Once you are accepted on the workcamp, you are asked to pay workcamp fee (200 PLN). 

The data needed for the transfer:

Stowarzyszenie “Jeden Świat” ul. Prusa 16a/15, 60-820 Poznań

Bank PEKAO S.A. I Oddział w Poznaniu 93 12401747 11110000 1848 8294

Sometimes there is so called 'extra fee' (usually in Iceland and outside Europe), but it is always clearly mentioned in the workcamp description. It is the fee which is paid when you arrive on your workcamp to the host organisation.

The membership fee is not the workcamp fee. It gives you the right to gor for a workcamp and/or take part in other activities organised by SCI Poland. If you cannot take part in a workcamp, the membership fee will not be refunded but it stays valid for 365 days.

If you want to participate in more than 1 workcamp, you need to fill in 2 separate applications and pay workcamp fee - 200 PLN for each. (The membership fee is paid only once). Please send the second application only after being accepted on the first one!

Important: One World Association (SCI Poland) is a non-profit organisation which associate volunteers and help them to go for a voluntary projects abroad. We are not organisers of the projects abroad, and we do no take a financial responsibility of any workcamp changes (meaning the travel or visa costs). The 30% of the workcamp fee is given to the International Secretariat of SCI, e.g for the insurance, online placement system, Solidarity Fund. The rest is dedicated for organising workcamps in Poland.

During the project, the food and accomodation is covered. Please ask us to send you the conditions of the complementory insurance which is for every SCI volunteer (

The volunteer organises and pays the travel to the workcamp on his own!

Sending the application online means that the volunteers read and agreed with the Conditions stated in this paragraph.