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How to Pay

Instructions on How to Pay

Workcamp Application Fees:

Before your application can be processed, you must pay the workcamp application fee. For all overseas camps the fee is US$185. For US residents applying for a camp IN THE US the fee is US$100. If you apply for more than one camp during the season, the additional camps are $100 each overseas or $80 in the US. Part of the application fee is used to pay for your iSCI health and accident insurance and our contribution to the international coordination. The other part is used to support projects within the US and internationally.

Payments may be made via PayPal. Address payments to (sciivs.finance@gmail.com) or to Network for Good. Both methods require a credit or debit card. Please do not use Paypal to pay Network for Good as they charge an extra fee. If you need to pay by check, please write us for the mailing address. When you pay, please send an e-mail notifying us what method you used.

Workcamps include shared accommodations, group self-cooked meals and basic health/accident insurance, without additional cost, unless otherwise noted in the camp description.

Refund Policy:

$35 of the application fee is to pay our cost of processing and is non-refundable. If we cannot place you in any of the projects you requested or if the project is cancelled, all of the fee except $35 will be refunded.

If we successfully placed you in a camp and you confirm your participation in that camp, then you decide to cancel, we will return ½ ( one-half ) of the refundable amount if we receive notice from you at least 30 days before the start date of the project. Exceptions can be made to this rule depending on the reason for the cancellation.


You are responsible for knowing your insurance coverage, your health condition and your specific needs to have travel, health or medical evacuation insurance. Although SCI projects are usually covered by a secondary reimbursement policy, THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE your primary insurance coverage since there are many restrictions for illness and prior condition exclusions. If you need more comprehensive insurance we can recommend a reasonable source.

If you are volunteering for a developing country, you should obtain evacuation insurance, which the SCI insurance does not cover. You are responsible for your travel expenses (including entry visa if needed) to and from the workcamp. We can suggest a travel and health insurance which is available at a reasonable cost. You should seriously consider having travel insurance to accommodate your specific needs.


SCI-IVS USA and our partner organizations worldwide exchange thousands of volunteers each year and we inform you of the fact that

  1. Unpredictable events may cancel or change the project as described to you. It is advised to have fare reimbursement insurance in case this occurs.
  2. Comfort and safety standards do vary among countries and may not meet your expectations.
  3. You must use common sense and be personally responsible for your property and your well being at all times.
  4. You are responsible for knowing travel advisories from the government.

By your participation, you acknowledge that you fully understand and accept these risks and you do not hold SCI USA and our partners liable in all matters.